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We are moving forward in interventional pulmonology. Our aim is to improve compatibility and standardization of flexible cryo applications.

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The new flexible single-use cryoprobes

Standardization - single-use cryoprobes

The flexible single-use cryoprobes are available in various sizes. Providing broad compatibility for various clinical applications such as tissue devitalization and extraction of foreign bodies, mucous plugs, blood clots, necrotic tissue, tissue tumors (recanalization) and tissue biopsies.

HybridKnife O-Type
HybridKnife O-Type
HybridKnife O-Type

1.1 mm cryoprobe

1.7 mm cryoprobe

2.4 mm cryoprobe

The miniaturized 1.1 mm and 1.7 mm probes enable enhanced clinical utility and compatibility. The 2.4 mm probe supports applications with an optimized tip design and maximum freezing performance.

Advantages of the Erbe singe-use cryoprobes
  • The technical performance supports consistent target tissue effects, superior reproducibility and improved standardization
  • Expanded application possibilities and compatibilities due to miniaturization
  • Enhanced ergonomics and handling characteristics through patented elements
  • No reprocessing saves time and cost and reduces risk of cross-contamination

The flexible single-use cryoprobes are not commercially available yet.

The 1.1 mm cryoprobe with oversheath

No removal of the bronchoscope necessary

The unique extraction method provided by the probes offers several advantages to the user:

  • Extraction of the biopsy through the working channel of the bronchoscope
  • Permanent visual control of the target area
  • Shorter reaction times in complication management (e.g. bleeding)

The pulmonology workstation

Design integration

The ERBECRYO 2 can be combined on one cart with our electrosurgical and APC devices. This multi-modular system supports handling convenience and space-saving and facilitates multiple applications in interventional pulmonology.

The workstation:

VIO 3 - Electrosurgery

APC 3 - Plasmasurgery

ERBECRYO 2 - Cryosurgery

Presentation of single-use cryoprobes at DGP in Munich

Erbe focuses on advancing interventional pulmonology through new, improved instruments and standardization of flexible cryo applications.

We invite you to visit our stand no. F60 to get to know our new products.

In addition, our new technology supports practical workshops in which you can learn the applications.

The Erbe team looks forward to welcoming you to the DGP in Munich.

Successful presentation of single-use cryoprobes at the Medica

The new cryoprobes were showcased with great success at this year's Medica in Duesseldorf, Germany. In the Wet-Lab, the hands-on area at our stand, the probes could be tested on the model. A special focus was on the cryoprobe with a diameter of 1.1 mm and a recovery tube.

In addition, we presented our new pulmonology workstation with the VIO 3, APC 3 and ERBECRYO 2. All in all, we were able to record a very high visitor frequency at the Erbe stand on all days of the trade fair.

ERS 2018 - successful introduction of our new single-use cryoprobes

At the ERS Congress 2018 in Paris, we introduced our new single-use cryoprobes to the world of interventional pulmonology.

Interested visitors got the opportunity to view and try out the new products at our booth and during a large-scale hands-on workshop.

We also introduced our new pulmonology workstation, which includes an electrosurgical generator, an APC unit and the ERBECRYO 2.

With more than 30 program items including live presentations, meet-the-expert rounds, seminars, workshops and postgraduate courses, flexible cryosurgery was a key focus of the ERS.

Workshop on interventional pulmonology (20-21 September 2018)

During the workshop on interventional pulmonology held at the University Clinic of Tübingen, PD Dr. med. Hetzel hosted a group of 12 international physicians who came to do practical training.

Live transmission of an endoscopic transbronchial cryobiopsy, lectures and a hands-on session with porcine lung models completed the first day. The second day included an advanced hands-on course for an in-depth training on transbronchial cryobiopsies, electrosurgery and APC.

The physicians used various monopolar instruments as well as our new single-use probes with 1.7 mm and the 1.1 mm cryoprobes with oversheath. Cryobiopsies performed through the working channel were taken successfully and learned quickly.

We received a very positive feedback about the training value and the performance of our new single-use cryoprobes.

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